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second annual ATLF fundraiser

WHEN: Fall 2022

DETAILS: More information to come


inaugural fundraiser - 2019

On behalf of the Alex Thoresen Legacy Foundation and Alex’s family and dear friends-we would like to thank you all for for making the 1st Annual ATLF a complete success!! With your help-we raised over $45,000 during the evening on Oct 11!! And as mentioned throughout the evening, 100% of the donations that we raised will be directed towards building a mobile interactive art, music and gaming kiosk for use at various cancer centers around the country. We’ll be testing the prototype kiosk at CS Motts Childrens Hospital in Ann Arbor Michigan to ensure the various therapeutic and usage metrics are achieved. And of course-the interactive kiosk will be appropriately and simply named “ALEX”

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We've seen amazing things happen in our community when we all come together. Whether we gather as a large group for fundraising, or grab a couple of loved ones to volunteer at a local charity, we believe that we can make a positive impact at every level.

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