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the 'alex' 

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"The ALEX" is an interactive gaming experience designed for adolescents and young adults (AYA) who are going through various cancer treatments. Just the sight of "The ALEX" should bring a smile and a bit of escapism for patients and their families and friends. The therapeutic benefits are numerous and immeasurable. .

alex's dream, realized

The Alex Thoresen Legacy Foundation delivered on our mission to "Do Some Good".  In January 2021, “The ALEX” prototype, a fully functional interactive gaming kiosk was delivered to University of Michigan’s Motts Children’s Hospital – on the 3rd anniversary of Alex losing his battle with cancer. This machine was developed with patients like Alex in mind, who would enjoy some entertainment while getting treated.


This fully functional interactive gaming kiosk includes the latest Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Switch gaming consoles all tied together with custom software.  It even has a “Touch-free” QR code so users can select whatever console and game they want using their personal smart phone. 

a helping hand

Special thanks to EWI Worldwide’s creative team (Jon DeGorsky, Alissa Lutz, Dave Yuen and Norm Eckhout), Mr. Ray Paris of EWI- a true MacGyver and fabrication wizard, Ed Martincic of NuVision Technologies for the interactive hardware, software and content and of course the UM/ Motts Interactive Therapy Team- especially J.J. Bouchard.


The creation of the prototype was made possible from generous donations from the ATLF fundraiser at "The Think Tank", and the foundation's website. A heartfelt thank you to everyone for their generosity and ongoing support in helping honor Alex’s memory and legacy.

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We are looking forward to analyzing the therapeutic, reported pain threshold, overall user experience, durability, sanitation, etc. metrics for a rollout.  Exciting times ahead!

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